1 day Entebbe tour – one day in Entebbe

This 1 day Entebbe tour in Uganda shall enable you to visit Entebbe to witness some of the popular tourism attractions in the city. Entebbe is the one of the largest cities in Uganda; the town is famous for being the home to Uganda’s international airport, Entebbe International airport. Administratively, the president’s state house is located in Entebbe. Several international organizations such as the UN have their headquarters in the city. There are so many tourist attractions within the city and during this day, you will witness some of the popular attractions. This is a suggestive tour; some of the tourism attractions can be added or removed from the tour.

This tour will start in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It approximately takes 45minutes to drive from Kampala to Entebbe via the newly constructed Entebbe-express highway. Very early in the morning, our tour guide shall come to your hotel in Kampala. After the formal greeting, you will be driven to Entebbe. Upon arrival, you will start by visiting the wildlife education center commonly known as the zoo or Entebbe wildlife sanctuary. The zoo was established in 1951 and the zoo is home to a number of wildlife species. Some of the popular species include lions, baboons, Elephants, chimpanzees, reptiles like poisonous snakes and many more.  After the zoo, you will proceed to Entebbe village where you will witness various reptiles such as Nile monitor, leopard tortoise, viper, cobras, skinks, boomslangs,and many more.

You will continue the day with the visit to the imperial resort beach in Entebbe. Entebbe is a coastal town located on the shores of Lake Victoria. There are many white sand beaches in the city. The imperial resort beach is a white sand powdered beach with palm trees. Lunch shall be served at one of the restaurants at the beach. At lunch, you can order any continental or local dishes which range from Indian dishes, grilled tilapia and others. You will spend the day at the beach while enjoying the cool breeze. This Imperial resort beach is adjacent to a 5-start hotel. In case you want to swim, there is an Olympic size swimming pool at the hotel or you can decide to go and mingle with other Ugandans swimming in the lake.  Watching the sunset at the beach is breathtaking, and later, you will be driven back to your hotel where you will be served with dinner.

The tour includes:

Food, bottled mineral water, tour guide, entrance fee to certain places,

The tour excludes:

Visa fees, Travel insurance, accommodation, tipping, souvenirs

Frequently asked questions about the  1 day Entebbe tour

It is possible to have a half-day Entebbe trip?

Yes, a half day trip is possible and you can fully customize it according to your travel preferences. In most cases, a lot of clients just want to tour the Zoo. Even if you have 4 hours before your flight, you can take a short 2 hour trip to the zoo and later drive to the airport.