1 day gorilla trekking Uganda

This 1 day gorilla trekking safari in Uganda will start in Rwanda and later travel to Uganda for gorilla trekking. The gorilla permits in Rwanda cost $1500 while those in Uganda are at $600 – it makes sense in terms of price to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking. It is possible to do a 1 day gorilla trekking safari in Uganda. Normally if you are starting your tour in Kampala, the gorilla trekking safari takes 3 days- 1 day for travelling from Kampala to Bwindi, the second day is gorilla trekking and the last day is transferring back to Kampala. If you have limited time, you can always think about the option of visiting Uganda via Rwanda.

Our tour guides know Rwanda and they shall pick you up from place of stay around Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda to Bwindi.

The Journey from Kigali to Bwindi is about 4 hours. To be efficient with gorilla trekking, you need some simple preparations. Things like the walking stick, nice cameras and safari clothes should be part of your list of items to pack.

Very early in the morning, at around 3-4am, our tour guide will come to your residence in Kigali and after the formal greeting, you will be driven to Bwindi Impenetrable national park via the cyanika border or katuna border. At around 7 am, you will be already in Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Upon arrival at the park, you will go for briefing where you will be informed about several aspects about the gorillas. You can ask questions at this point. During the briefing, you will be informed about the gorilla family to trek. Later, under the company of an armed park ranger, you will start your gorilla trekking adventure via the thick dense forest of Bwindi. The armed park rangers are knowledgeable about gorilla trekking- they use the previous gorilla signs and traces to locate them.  After walking for about 1-8 hours, you will be in position to spot the gorillas. Upon seeing them, you will be allocated an additional 1 hour to spot the different instinctive and non-instinctive behaviors of the gorillas. It always advisable to carry a nice camera for taking the best pictures; after the 1 hour, you will return to the park headquarters where you will be offered a gorilla certificate to symbolize that you participated in gorilla trekking. At the park headquarters, you will meet the tour guide who will transfer you back to Kigali to mark the end of the 1 day gorilla trekking safari to Uganda.

Along the way to Kigali, you can always purchase some souvenirs. And if you want more activities to be included in the tour, you are highly welcome to make your suggestions- we shall surely implement your ideas.

The tour includes:

Tour guide, gorilla permits, transportation, water, lunch

The tour excludes

Visa fees, Travel insurance, accommodation, tipping, personal items, air ticket, souvenirs, drinks apart from those served during the lunch meals.

Frequently asked questions about 1 day gorilla trekking tour from Rwanda:

How long is the journey to Bwindi Impenetrable national park from Kigali?

It depends on the traffic jam however the journey is approximately 3-4 hours.

What visa shall I need to cross from Kigali to Uganda and back?

The East Africa travel Visa is enough to make you travel within East Africa